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Supporting Deaf Students in School

Usually, deaf children with normal intelligence can learn in the regular classroom together with their hearing peers as long as they are given appropriate supports. These are several and of various types. They can help to ensure academic success for a deaf child. These include:

Appropriate communication techniques. Some deaf children can hear a little and may be able to benefit from technologies such as a hearing aid that amplifies sound to a level that the child can hear. Therefore such children can make use of hearing to learn in a general classroom.A completely deaf child has no residual hearing, so the use of spoken language—even with technologies to boost sound—will not be effective. Kenyan sign language is the most common means for communication…

How to use gamification to impact special needs lives.

Alistair was born without his sense of hearing. Doctors diagnosed him deaf but there was something else. He was different from the other hearing-impaired children; hyperactive and unable to grasp sign language. His caregiver Angela, felt like she had failed him.

One day, his teacher planned a trip to the mall and Angela panicked, but the teacher was sure her method would work…

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