Basic Kenyan Sign Language online or face to face classes (3 months)

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This is the beginners’ course that focuses on everyday communication in Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) for the Deaf. It introduces students to the basic signs, techniques, and cultural knowledge, which will support the students to start signing beginning level conversational KSL. Each lesson is built upon a familiar topic such as family, self and friends so that students will find meaningful connection to the lessons. Students will be asked to use various media tools including online resources and online dictionaries, to master the content presented in the course. Students will be producing their own signing videos to demonstrate their learning. The goal of this course is to help develop fundamental KSL skills, and to understand Deafness, knowledge, and interest that students will need to advance to the higher levels of KSL courses.

Entry Requirements

None. Anybody can learn basic Kenyan Sign Language.